Getting things done

in China

Product and parts engineering, sourcing, quality services, market research, audits, negotiating, logistics and supplier relationship management.

Specialized in

Forged/casted steel, plastic, rubber, industrial wiping & non-wovens, electric scooters and general consumer goods.

What we do

Market Research & Sourcing

Investigating the Chinese market in order to find the product and supplier/partner you need. CPS achieves success through thorough desk- and field research combined with years of experience in purchasing.

CPS ensures that you will be working with the right supplier who will deliver the required product at a market conform price.

Business Development & Support

Continuous assistance in your day-to-day activities in China. CPS functions as your purchase-unit in China who primarily (but not only) is responsible for

  • Maintaining relationship with supplier
  • Controlling pricing
  • Order follow-up
  • Quality inspection
  • ...


Making sure that the purchased products arrive in your home country in a fast, economic and worry-free fashion. We offer:

  • Domestic transportation China and in country of desitination
  • Sea freight (FCL and LCL)
  • Air shipping

The CPS Story

CPS // Achieving results


Talented Researchers & Negotiators

The CPS team is a multi-cultural team with a proven track record of successful research-, sourcing- and logistics projects. We are glad to be able to assist you in Chinese, English, Spanish and Dutch.

CPS exclusively works with industry professionals who understand that an in-depth understanding of the market is necessary in order to achieve success in the Chinese market. Therefore we spend vast amounts of time on learning and listening to the market before making any decisions. Based on the gained market knowledge, we can insure good purchase conditions and a long term cooperation between you and your supplier.

CPS is the perfect partner for European companies that are in need of well-skilled local presence in China, to represent their interests or develop their product portfolio.

What You May Expect

To the point

Clear and correct
  • Languages:
    Chinese, English, Spanish and Dutch
  • One-on-one communication
  • Direct contact with your supplier
  • Full transparancy

Connecting the dots

Forging partnerships

  • Mutual benefits for the supplier and you
  • Competitive pricing
  • Contract correctly and safely with your supplier
  • Build towards a common goal

Result oriented

Getting it done

  • Active desk- and field research
  • High efficient business trips
  • Crystal clear reporting
  • Following strict planning and execution